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Small Business Services

GEB Media offers three types of services to merchants and entrepreneurs:

I will examine your current website and online business model in an effort to improve your sales conversions and website traffic.  I can help you improve lead generation, search engine rankings, and market penetration.  My consulting services are designed to teach you how to grow your business on your own.  In many cases small business owners have great ideas, but they don’t know how to execute them properly.  This is where my experience in online promotion can be helpful.

Internet Marketing and Promotion
GEB Media offers a wide array of online marketing services for business owners who already have a successful model in place, but simply do not have the time or staff to market online.  From content creation to online real estate development, I can help you increase your online market share in almost any niche. 

Information Product Creation
One of my specialties is using digital products to reach more customers.  GEB Media can assist your business in creating an information product and promoting it to targeted online audiences.  While not every business model is suitable for this approach, those that are can experience impressive results.

Geoff Beers
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Geoff Beers
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