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GEB Media specializes in internet marketing and digital content creation.

GEB Media helps you sell more products online through search engine marketing and internet content development. Whether you are looking to promote existing products, or considering ways to expand your business through the internet, we can help you develop a business and marketing strategy that reaches customers across America.

"Call me to discuss how you can expand your business with content marketing. Almost every company has a collection of under-utilized content channels that could be developed to grow their business."
- Geoff Beers
Owner of GEB Media, LLC

My Expertise and Services:

Digital Product Sales and Marketing
Looking for a new way to profit from your proprietary content? Very few businesses have harnessed the reach of the digital product marketplace, which is growing at exponential speeds. By packaging your content in digital products you can connect with a much broader market. GEB Media creates digital products for circulation on the largest distribution networks while utilizing affiliate partnerships to drive traffic to the point of sale.

Internet Marketing
The opportunities for marketing your company online are infinite...but which ones will actually generate business leads? The answer depends on your customer's needs and where they search for answers. GEB Media distinguishes itself by helping you distinguish the best way for your company to make money online.

Search Engine Optimization
Having your website ranked highly in the search engines for the right keywords can significantly increase your sales. SEO is most lucrative for business who compete on a multi-state or national scale. Learn more about the services I offer at Cincinnati SEO.

Website Sales Optimization
What is the purpose of your website? This is a question that a lot of business owners will stumble on. The fact is your primary web property should be designed to capture leads or generate sales. Every business needs an online presence that directs clients through the sales funnel. This is can be achieved through sales copy writing, email list building, and coupon/promotion incentives. Let me take a look at your website and find new ways to make it sell to your customers.

Are You Ready to Market to Real Buyers?
GEB Media is dedicated to performance marketing strategies that bring clients to your door. I believe that the success of every marketing campaign should be measured in ROI. If you aren't making sales from your advertising then call me today and let's start making some money!

Geoff Beers
GEB Media, LLC



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Geoff Beers
Owner of GEB Media, LLC

View Geoff Beers profile on LinkedIn


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